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Galeria artysty: Karol Kostjan
Karol Kostjan

Karol Cezary Kostjan was born 1974 in Łukow Specialising mainly in easel painting. Living in Warsaw Actually. In his paintings sensuality compete with contemplation of an object. The maturity of his technique allows him to combine simplicity and naturalness with serene distance and spontaneous fascination with the womans body. Simultaneously, an atmosphere of a gentle melancholy that accompanies his paintings awakes hunger for the passing moment. That forces the viewer toward the existential meditation, which witnesses are in fact the very character of the art piece itself. This fascinating switch of roles makes us integrate with the art, not only through analysis, but as well emotions. exhibitions: 1997 february - Kaiserslautern Tölke - bilden galerie, 1998 october - Łuków - in Adam`s place, 2004 april - Częstochowa - The 7th International Digital Photo Competition 2005 march - Warsaw - The Gallery of Fine Arts "vV" - take part in art work , of Tomek Sikora, 2007march - Warsaw The gallery Kuluary - " love like "M", 2007 november -Warsaw - ITI group self retrospection. competitions: "cyber foto" 2004, "paint of the year" 2002-2003 and Lexmark European Art Prize.

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